2019 Pop Warner Rule Book Page 31


Although the game is serious to the kids, from the adult viewpoint, Mitey-Mite is strictly a training division, completely free of any pressure to win, with a total emphasis on learning. A local & Regional Champion may be declared.  Coaches may remain on the field at the option of the League.   A maximum of one (1) coach per team is permitted on the field except during punts.

A. There shall be: 

1.) No blitzing 

2.) No rushing of punts, field goals or point after touchdown (while attempting a kick) in Mitey-Mite/Tiny Mite/ U6/U8 play.

3.) No more than six (6) defensive players can be on the line of scrimmage or rush the ball.

4.) Defensive players on the line of scrimmage must be in a 2 point stance and may not line up over center.  Penalty for violation of the above: First violation: Warning: Additional violations:15 yards unsportsmanlike conduct.