Central Jersey Little Scholars 2017

Due date is 9/8/17

GPA must be 96 or higher




Little Scholars Applications:

  1. < >< >

    Report Card- must be full report card

  2. GPA calculation sheet

  3. 3 copies





                 Jeannie Comunale

                    Terrie Bonilla

                Feel free to contact us with any questions



       Central Jersey Little Scholars Essay Contest

Due September 28th 2017

Essay Requirements:

  1. Player must be in their last year of playing eligibility for Pop Warner.

  2. Minimum GPA 92% (prior year report card)

  3. One Football player/ One Cheerleader from each organization.


Essay Questions – choose one

  1. Why is getting good grades important for an athlete?

  2. How does the Pop Warner program help teach “what it means to be a part of a team?

  3. Why is it important to respect yourself, your teammates and your coaches?


Essay details:

  1. 500 words or less

  2. Title page

  3. Player full name, team name, little scholar rep name and contact information.

  4. 2 Copies