2017 Pop Warner Tiny Mite Football Rules 35 Page 49


RULE 35: TINY MITES Although the game is serious to the kids, from the adult viewpoint, Tiny-Mites are strictly a training division, completely free of any pressure to win, with a total emphasis on learning. No scores are recorded & no local championship may be declared. The following are specific rules that must be followed for the Tiny Mite Division.

S1: Players: Maximum 28, Minimum 16

S2: Field Diameter: 80 yard field

S3: Scholastic Fitness: Report card from school or letter from parent.

S4: Coaches: Two coaches from each team are permitted to be on the field with the team. Once the team breaks from huddle, coaches must stay back 10 yards from the line of scrimmage. 

S5: If associations have more than one team, age groups must be equally distributed across team roster. If one team, associations cannot stack by age group.

S6: No kick offs, at the start of the game, the ball will be placed on the 35 yard line.

 S7: No punting. On 4th down, a team has the option of (a) running or passing the ball from scrimmage (b) move the ball back to opponents 35 yard line and start offensive play from there.

S8: Penalties: Major penalty 10 yards.  Minor penalty 5 yards. 

S9: Game Time and Time Outs: Each half is 22 minutes. Game will consist of two (2) halves. Half time will be 10 minutes. All games will have a running clock except for clock stoppages on time outs, change of possession and injuries. Each team is allowed two (2) time outs per half.

S10: No score will be displayed on scoreboard.  No tie breakers.

 S11: No try for point after touchdown.

S12: Ball will be blown dead if fumbled behind the line of scrimmage.  However, ball will be live if fumbled beyond the line of scrimmage.

S13: Playing Time: All players must play a minimum of 15 plays per game.  It is recommended that a 2 platoon system (offense/50 defense) be utilized to help teach the game. Each team must have three (3) captains per game. Every player on the team must be given an opportunity to be a captain.

S14: Offense: All offensive backs must be lined up behind the offensive line in some type of formation. You will be allowed, however, to split one offensive back no more than five (5) yards outside the tight end.

S15: Defense: No defensive player can be placed directly over the center. Player must be three (3) yards off the center. Defensive line must be one (1) yard back from the offensive line. Defense must run 6,4,1 set.  No more than six (6) defensive players can rush the ball. No blitzing. 

S16: Game ball should be the Wilson K2 size.

S17: Pop Warner Official Rule Book, Tiny Mites Same as Mitey Mite (Rules) plus R-1: S-3A. S18: No post-seasons games. Teams may play a combination of 9 total games;  a maximum of 1 pre-season game and 8 regular season games for a season total of 9 games.