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Central Jersey Pop Warner

Flag Special Rules 2021


Policy is that flag football will be an instructional game.


A.  Follow the rules and regulations as stated in Pop Warner Official Rules with the following exceptions:

B.  Participate in the Bobcat Division for 5-, 6- and 7-year-olds.

C.  The playing field shall be from the 40-yard line to the end zone and from the far hash mark to the sideline or equivalent 40 yards x 53’.

D.  The official ball will be a K2 or equivalent.

E.  Eight players, five linemen and three backs will be always on the field.  Ends are eligible receivers.  Only 2-point stance is permitted.

F.   The game will consist of 4 – 10-minute quarters.  Teams will be on either offense or defense for the 10-minute quarter.  5-minute breaks will be between quarters.

G.  There will be no kickoffs or punts.

H.  The defense must line up one (1) yard off the ball, with no one over the center.

I.    The shotgun formation is permitted.

J.   Each offense will start on the equivalent of the 35-yard line.

K.  No official scores will be kept, and scores should not be emphasized.

L.   All effort should be made to have all children participate as evenly as possible, both on offense and defense and in all positions.

M.  No more than two (2) certified coaches from each team will be on the field at any time.

N.  Equipment will consist of sneakers, or non-detachable rubber cleats, mouth guards, pants of each Association’s choice, and a jersey matching, if possible, Association's tackle jersey colors.  Protective helmets are optional.

O.  Flag length will be fourteen (14) inches long and a minimum of two (2) inches wide and will not be covered up by the jersey, nor will it match team jersey or pant colors.

P.   Referees are optional.

Q.  There will be no penalties, but when an infraction occurs both teams should be called together and the infraction explained, including the possible penalties and safety hazards.  The play will then be a do over.

R.  Mascots are not permitted.

S.  If all else fails, use common sense remembering that youth of this age are out for a good time and to learn the fundamentals of football.


2021  Pop Warner Rule Book; Page 54



S1: A game is played between two teams consisting of eight (8) players each.

S2: Each team roster shall have a maximum of 24 players, and a minimum of 10 players. A forfeit will result when the minimum is not met.

S3: Only players appearing on the official team roster in the PW Roster System are to be counted as players. The Roster is completed and active in the PW Roster System before the first game of the season and verified by the league in a process called “certification.”

S4: The offensive team must have five (5) players on the line and three (3) in the backfield. The defensive team may choose any formation except in kicking situations.

S5: Mandatory Play Rule: All players will play a minimum of 10 plays. 

S6: A team will have 30 seconds to put the ball in play after the ready signal