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New Jersey State Cheer Competition
by posted 10/08/2021

New Jersey State Cheer Competition

Cure Insurance Arena

Hamilton St

Trenton NJ 


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2021 National Little Scholars
by posted 05/30/2021

National Little Scholars

Senior Scholars

Ava Clugsten                                    Hamilton

Joseph Dachnowicz              Ridge Youth Sports

Jack Pawlick                        Ridge Youth Sports

Tyler Simkovich                  Woodbridge Broncos


5th grade

Olivia Gontarz                    Woodbridge Broncos

6th grade

Isabella Dasilva                 Woodbridge Broncos

Grace Hamby                    South River Knights

7th grade

Natalie Abbott                  Hamilton Revolution

Sarah Abraham                 South River Knights

Melanie Alejandro           Woodbridge Broncos

Grace Downes                  Woodbridge Broncos

Christina Grasso               Woodbridge Broncos

8th grade

Addison Figel                     Hillsborough Dukes

Katherine Mains               Hamilton Revolution

Angelina Mayo                  MonroeWolverines


5th grade


6th grade

Edward Daigneau              Staten Island Lions

Frank Grimaldi                  Staten Island Lions


7th grade

Jake Kahm                          Ridge Youth Sports

Leo Mantzioros                 Staten Island Lions

Kenneth Noonan              Staten Island Lions

Jason Ocasio                      Staten Island Lions

Matthew Tristano            Staten Island Lions

8th grade

Derek Anderson                Woodbridge Broncos

Cosmo D’Amelio               Staten Island Lions

Brady Kelly                          Old Bridge Cougars

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Refs Needed
by posted 04/07/2021

Ref Needed


Welcome to the NJFOA-Central Jersey Chapter

The NJFOA (New Jersey Football Officials Association) is a organization dedicated to serving the central New Jersey area with High School football officials....

Why Become a Football Official?

Be involved first hand in the game up close and personal.  Become a positive role model to young adults.  Build relationships and make lifelong friends.  These are just a few reasons to become a high school football official.


As an official, you have to deal with stress and pressure and make split-second decisions.


Are you qualified and able?  Officiating is a very demanding avocation.

  • Are you physically fit?

  • You are constantly moving.

  • You may work outside in the elements. It can be hot, cold, and raining.

  • Are you emotionally fit?

  • Do you take criticism well?

  • Can you stay calm under pressure?

  • Can you commit time to officiating?



Dave Race

203 Vista Drive

Easton, PA  18042

610 704-0158 (Cell)

(Use Form Above to Request Information)

  • During the season, you may need to be off work mid-afternoon

  • You will be required to study the rules both during the season and off-season to fully understand them.

How Do You Get Started?

So, you've thought about it and you're ready for the challenge.  Get in touch with the NJFOA - Central Jersey Chapter today using the contact form on this page.  Our Cadet Training Supervisor will be in touch with you about how to proceed from here and provide answers to any questions you may have OR to register with our association, download and complete the NJFOA Application under the Cadet Forms on this page. Mail the completed application to the above address along with the following:

  1. Check for $50 payable to: NJFOA - Central Jersey Chapter

  2. Doctor's note of physical fitness

Join Today! You won't regret your decision.


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